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Wendy Sinclair

Is an Artist based in the Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia

WENDY SINCLAIR's ART is a collection of original art creations by Australian Sunshine Coast artist Wendy Sinclair. 

Wendy paints mostly from nature - inspired by flowers, animals, landscapes, bright colours & lots of texture.


Recently, she has been passionate about Mixed Media Abstracts and the freedom and spontaneous creativity they provide. Using a medium to achieve a specific outcome has been a fascinating journey of experimentation and learning.


As an artist since 2013, Wendy’s Art is always looking for the next opportunity to translate the sights, colours and textures of her surrounding natural world into artistic expression. 


Her approach and output are constantly evolving as she hones her personal style. However, she refuses to be typecast and works hard to ensure that she is always searching for new techniques and mediums to extend and increase her repertoire of skills. No matter what, Wendy’s art approaches each new project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication.

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